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elcome to the world of Heroes And Dragons, an Online Browser Based RPG. A whole new world to explore!

Centuries ago, the land of Dragonhelm was at peace and rightous kings ruled peacefully until the people elected a new Soldier as their latest King. This king's name was Denholm. Denholm ruled as most kings did back then... with a wise mind and a good heart. However, Denholm was in a dire position and was about to be invaded by a ruthless kingdom from the fareast. The king of Dragonhelm was in trouble. He needed power to crush his foes and gain strength and keep his kingdom together. So, King Denholm sold his soul to the 'Evil One' and he got the power he needed to destroy his enemies. But, however it was too late to return to the way he used to be. With his soul sold, he disbanded the Royal Senate and The Royal House of Lords and he made himself Emporer. His power continued to grow. He began conquering far away lands. Many loyalists of the land became known as the Rebel Liberation Front and began to cause uprisings against the Emporer. The power of The Emporer continued to grow. The Rebel Liberation Front set up a encampment north of the City of Dragonhelm and founded the Rebel Stronghold. The rebels gain many supporters and their cause grew to overthrow the Emporer, however the Emporer himself began to create a process that would alter his body forever! He caused himself to transform into a menacing Shadow Night Dragon. His power and reign continued as the rebels grew even stronger. Finally a young man named Xartag grew stronger than any hero and gained special Antique Weapons and Armor and went to the land of Dragonhelm to slay the Shadow Night Dragon. When Xartag, approached the Shadow Night Dragon, a battle started which lasted for hours. Finally a victor was announced and and the evil emporer and that evil Shadow Night Dragon was defeated and his body buried in the far east in the Burlagada Mountains. Xartag predicted that one day that the evil Shadow Night Dragon will return and so would Xartag's heir!

Now, peace ruled for centuries again and people forgot about Xartag and the Shadow Night Dragon. Many people though those to figures in mythology weren't real until when wizards of the south revived their former leader in hoping of enslaving the world! Now, land of Dragonhelm was in trouble. The Shadow Night Dragon was still weak and gaining power in the far east. A young hero of the line of Xartag finally showed up claiming the right of slaying this menacing beast once and for all. Who is this mysterious hero? It is you!

Will the Shadow Night Dragon rule with a reign of terror like he used to? Only you can save the land of Dragonhelm. So, rise up and destroy the Shadow Night Dragon once and for all!

You must take the role of a bold adventurer from the Kingdom Of Dragonhelm that must now have the courage to defeat the monsters of Heroes And Dragons. Although only carrying just your wits, bravery and gold, you must fight to survive this hostile wilderness and maybe, one day, become the true warrior and slay the Shadow Night Dragon.

Choose your profession:

Choose your armament to suit your skill and match your personality.

Choose your path, and begin your journey of exploring the world of Heroes And Dragons.

Some features which HaD has to offer:

    10 Different skills to level up
    10 Quests to complete for rewards
    7 Different character class's to choose from
    A huge map to explore and venture on
    Around 290 different monsters to find and slay
    Guilds Features in which players can interact with other members!
    A Duel Arena, to interact and fight with other players
    Collect Ancient Medallions to buy magical healing spells for your adventures!
    Collect Egyptian Talismans for an upcoming future skill!
    Collect Dragon Scales to purachase items and also donate to guilds for bonuses!
    Many towns and areas to explore. Either within towns, or on the battlefield
    A player trading market
    An in game Forums to interact with other players!
    An advanced Player Chat
    Regular updates
    And best of all, it's free!

If you are still unsure then why not take a quick look at a Demo. All links are disabled, but it will give you a brief look at what you will see while playing.
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